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Vol. 29
Issue 2(88)

Title: Modeling of trihalomethane compounds formation in Baghdad water supply network

Authors (ORCID): EWAID, S.H., AL-FARHANI, B.F., ABED, S.A. (0000-0001-7347-3843), AL-ANSARI, N.

Keywords: trihalomethane, Baghdad, Tigris river, modeling

Abstract: This study was conducted to measure the concentrations of four trihalomethane compounds (THMs) in raw, treated, and drinking water of seven water purification plants and the residential neighborhoods nearby in Baghdad. About 350 samples gathered between January and October 2017 and analyzed by the gas chromatography method. Results showed that THM annual levels in tap water ranged between 12 and 97.3 µg·l–1 in winter and summer consecutively, with a mean concentration of 60 µg·l–1, these concentrations did not exceed the level recommended by the WHO and the Iraqi standards. Statistical modeling by SPSS software for the formation of THM (the dependent factor) in the water supply network was undertaken using the measured water quality parameters (as independent factors) and utilizing multiple regression analysis. The model obtained has a high correlation (r = 0.842) and approved that the most affecting parameters on THM formation are total organic carbon, temperature, turbidity, total solids, and chlorine dose. The model that was derived may be used for the purposes of choosing appropriate THM-reduction procedures and the use of chlorine for improving the method of disinfection.

DOI: 10.22630/PNIKS.2020.29.2.12

APA style references: Ewaid, S.H., Al-Farhani, B.F., Abed, S.A. & Al-Ansari, N. (2020). Modeling of trihalomethane compounds formation in Baghdad water supply network. Scientific Review Engineering and Environmental Sciences, 29 (2), 136-144. doi: 10.22630/PNIKS.2020.29.2.12

APA style citation in text: The first time citation in text: (Ewaid, Al-Farhani, Abed & Al-Ansari, 2020), next citation: (Ewaid et al., 2020)

Chicago style references: Ewaid, Salam H., Bassam F. Al-Farhani, Salwan A. Abed, Nadhir Al-Ansari. "Modeling of trihalomethane compounds formation in Baghdad water supply network." Scientific Review Engineering and Environmental Sciences, 88 ser., vol. 29, no 2, (2020): 136-144. doi: 10.22630/PNIKS.2020.29.2.12.

Chicago style citation in text: (Ewaid et al. 2020)

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